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As you can see in our overview here, Hue lights and Hue bridges "talk" to each other via a kind of WLAN, called ZigBee. ZigBee is a standard also supported by other manufacturers - as for instance Osram.

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Philips Hue and Osram

With "Lightify", Osram offers a similar system as does Philips. Lightify can not (yet) compete with Hue - with one exception: the switchable power outlet "Plug". And since Lightify is also based on ZigBee, you can control Plug with your Hue bridge:

Philips Hue bridge and Osram Lightify Plug

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As a result, we can add "normal" lights to our Philips Hue system. Ok - with Osram Lightify Plug, these lights can only be turned on and off but that's perfect for simple things as an LED light chain.

Connecting Osram Lightify Plug

ZigBee is a radio control standard. It's major advantage: we do not need any cable. But somehow we have to connect the Hue bridge and the Osram Lightify Plug. This works perfectly with our app easyHUE and the connection method "Steal".

If you already know this method, you can start easyHUE right away:

Start easyHUE

Holidays in Sicily - Learning Italian